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Thunder Soul is a documentary movie produced in 2011. The movie Thunder Soul is filled with feeling of righteousness, optimism and reunion and thus a memorable creation. The tracks of Thunder Soul are captivating and trendy, and that is incredible, taking into consideration the fact that it shows up from a high school music group along with a couple of oldsters who haven’t touched their instruments for almost past thirty years.

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Star Rating: 4.0

Genre: Documentary

Director: Mark Landsman

Narrated By: Jamie Foxx

In Theaters On: September 23, 2011

Duration: 1hr 23 minutes

Music By: Kashmere Stage Band

Thunder Soul Movie Plot: 

During the early 1970s, at Kashmere High, a virtually all-black school in a poor Houston area, something incredible occurred. An aged music teacher who was in his fifties, named Conrad Prof Johnson resolved that rather than getting his pupils crank out identical big band-era expectations like nearly all high school groups, he would permit them to perform the songs they enjoyed: funk.

And he not just taught them to perform the songs; he trained them to perform the songs, along with horn sections swaying, saxophone players kicking and youngsters dancing the way they want onstage. Fundamentally, he was coaching them James Brown 101.

Shortly, the group was a sensation. They became the prime high school stage group in the nation. They visited Japan, Europe and various other places and recorded albums.

However in the late 1970s, Prof was pressed away from his position by envious staff and Thunder Soul terminated.

Till 2008, when around 30 individuals of the band met again to perform a show honoring Prof, who was now in his nineties. Most of the group members had not quite possibly touched their musical instruments in the past 30 years, quite a few arrived from outside the state, and one of them arrived right from Portugal.
Thunder Soul, narrated by Jamie Foxx, follows the build-up towards the gathering concert concurrently it explains the past, as well as the influence, of Thunder Soul.

This rock band members show the way the group’s premature achievements, and also Prof’s support and control, transformed and perhaps even saved their lives.

Likewise, it is evident the group had a direct impact on the way music is trained and played throughout the country. In reality, the group’s albums were reissued successfully.

You will find factors to quibble with the director Mark Landsman’s documentary. It is not very clear exactly what Prof did once Thunder Soul, and you also never ever truly learn what the group members do currently.

Nevertheless this really is minor issue. The band’s passion – both as grownups as well as when they were youngsters- is utterly infectious, and so is the respect as well as love they have got for Prof.

Thunder Soul is concerning numerous things – music, certainly, but in addition the strength of educating, the enduring and magical bond of functioning as a team, and primarily the perception that transformation is achievable, even possible, with the correct opportunities.

Prof might have altered the world in some manner; he definitely transformed the worlds of his pupils. Thunder Soul is an unmatchable emotional celebration of this achievement.

Thunder Soul Movie Box Office Performance:  

The film made $ 0.1 M in the US Box Office. It won a great response from audience as well as critics and came up with some real quality music. 

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